Remington Synthetic Stock

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    Jan 31, 2011
    I am currently working on a Custom Smokeless Muzzleloader that I would like to shoot out to 500 yards accurately. At the moment I am going to work with the factor synthetic stock and later on down the road going to get a thumbhole stock.

    I am thinking of doing a mickey mouse rig where I saw a guy on you tube lift the action and barrel using cut milk carton to shim the action between the stock and the action with the screws going threw the shims.

    Now with that out of the way (my dumb idea). I am also thinking of pillar bedding and glass bedding the action and recoil lug. I've heard that it is harder on a synthetic stock and you have to drill small holes and rough up stock to do this. I've researched a lot of bedding but all is done on a wood stock. Wood stock swells and shrinks because of cold and hot temps so this is why it is done, as far as I understand.

    I want to make sure the barrel is not touching the stock yet with a synthetic is it necessary to pillar bed and glass bed. If so is there a link or set of instructions on how to do this. I am a newbie on this and never done one to speak of. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.