SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 vls barreled action or complete 350


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Jan 24, 2012
Kirksville Missouri
This started out as 700 vls in 308 and was then shortened to 22" and recrowned. I am positive the rifle does not have more than 1500 rounds down the tube and probably is more like 900-1000. This is definitely not a safe queen and I will list the flaws just to be sure anyone purchasing knows what they are getting. It is a great shooting rifle and has easily held MOA out two 500 yards. I am not going to claim it is a 1/2" or 1/4" rifle even though it has shot some groups in that range. The receiver has scratches from a botched bedding job that were not visible when it was in my bell and carlson a2 stock. The barrel has light scrathing where it was probably in the lathe jaws while it was cut down and recrowned. I tried to show this in the pictures. The bolt knob install is not the cleanest, but i was going to smooth it when I cherakoted, currently it is just sprayed with black spray paint. This is a j lock bolt shroud but I will included a non j-lock shroud with the rifle and could switch it out before shipping. Jeweled bolt with old style remington trigger it has the grooved trigger. The trigger has always worked well for me but could not tell you what is set I dont have a guage. I am going to price it three different ways.
Barreled action with trigger - 350
Barreled action with trigger and bottom metal - 390
Complete rifle with sps varmint stock - 430

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