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Remington 700 SA stainless single shot, Hoyt stock, new Rem bbl, LEE dies and 50 Lapua cases 22-250

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Deleted member 115654

Gun Safe cleanout. Built this 4 months ago, shoots sub moa, < 100 rounds.

Flash hider & suppressor washer not included, has muzzle thread protector.

FFL required $825.00 shipped

What ? New action, new takeoff bbl, new bottom metal, take off stock.
Really no mysteries here.
i see it is a remington is it long action ?short action? barrel maker? or remington barrel? has action been trued? factory recoil lug? or aftermarket lug ? barrel twist? 1-?? inches action glass bedded in stock? barrel length ? stock trigger ? what stock on it ? lots of mysteries here shaggy/scoobie doo/velma too :)
Did you read the title of the thread ?

If you can't tell it's a short action, you need another hobby. Do you really thing a complete gun for $825.00 comes with a trued action ? It's a Remington barrel, look up the twist. Wonder who cuts up your peas for you ?