For Sale Remington 700 243


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Jul 2, 2013
For sale

It started out as a 700 SPS Varmint.
The action has been trued and lapped.
The Boyd’s stock has been float and the action bedded.
The barrel has been recrowned and the chamber has been set to minimum tolerances.
I don’t understand what that all is..... but the gun is a shooter...

Likes 70 and 80 grains with 4064 and Varget.
The gun does cloverleafs at a 100 yds with a number of loads.

Round count is “around 400.”

This is my son’s gun.. He had this built for a long range woodchuck rigC910484A-A4F5-43F2-AB7A-B95AE9371C66.jpeg42553991-F8E6-4D6A-B707-D8414D552184.jpeg8FA26F89-A3F6-4F7F-8F35-696BA2A6B426.jpeg48CF8F3B-1D1E-4583-B147-AF170B5E402D.jpegB4E2D5A1-DA5B-400C-B4C8-09165423D94E.jpeg8EEE19A8-847F-4C18-BBEF-6A3878370B4A.jpeg a number of years ago.. Now he’s in school and is looking to raise some funds.

Gun, 30mm rings, and bipod... $1100.00 shipped.

Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 illuminated scope (with box and sunshade. $550.00 shipped.

Everything with RCBS full length die set. $1600.00 shipped.D598ACFA-1722-4588-8E4D-1FCCC08059E6.jpeg


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