Rem 700 6 Dasher


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Oct 16, 2010
Fully blueprinted rem sa. 26 in Hawk Hill 7.5 twist marksman contour with heathen muzzle brake. Around 250 rds fired. McMillan a5 gap camo stock. 20 moa rail. Timney Calvin elite trigger. New surgeon bottom metal. Bolt recently bushed and m16 extractor installed by gre tan. Included is Redding type s fl sizer. 266 bushing included. Forster micro seating die. Around 1300 110 gr smk. Around 200 lapua brass loaded. Shoots the 110s at 2860 into little groups. No separating. $3100 OBO.20180423_084909.jpg 20180423_084947.jpg 20180423_085048.jpg 20180423_085106.jpg 20180423_085113.jpg 20180423_085133.jpg 20180423_085201.jpg 20180423_085207.jpg 20180423_085446.jpg