SOLD/EXPIRED REDUCED $ A A .50 Beowulf - complete AR-15 upper. EXTRAS + bullets (ammo is sold)

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    Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf --- complete AR-15 Overmatch upper.



    Used -in great condition. About 600 rounds thru it.
    (-These are $750 new.)
    Picantinny FlatTop --- handy16-inch barrel.

    LMT Tactical Adjustable Rear Sight (paid $120.) Has large and small aperture peep sights for close-quarters and longer range targets.
    As issued on US Navy SEALS Mk18.
    LMT Tactical Front Sight (paid $54.)
    The F/R sights are quite heavy-duty - not the folding flip-up style.
    Mil-Std bottom rail for accesories (paid $20.)
    Rail is tapered to flush fit AR forearm - so vertical grip is perfect at 90 degrees.
    Detachable adjustable vertical foregrip makes it easy (paid $20.)
    (Paid total $964+)

    One 4-rd. hunting and one 7-rd. AA .50 Beowulf mags.
    One 10-rd. (it is a regular 30-rd AR mag. Teflon coated.)
    (AR regular and un-modified magazines do work. I put 9 rounds in them and they work/feed fine.)

    For the .50 Beowulf:
    .223 30-rd. AR mags fit 10-rds.
    .223 20-rd. AR mags fit 7-rds.
    -I recommend the Teflon coated mags.

    $850 for upper and all the accessories above.

    I ran out of all the devastating 385-grain Remington Cor-Lokt HP loads - quite accurate at 100 yards with iron sights (1-inch groups).
    (Ammo is sold.) -I never got around to trying a scope - but it doesn't need one.
    I used 43-grains of Reloader 7 at a controlable 1600 fps for 2,200 ft./lbs. (Twice the power of the .44 Mag.)
    (47-grains is max load at 1800+ fps for 2,800 ft./lbs. -That's twice the power of the .480 Ruger.)
    2.100" COL = cartridge overall length.

    IF you plan to handload:
    Use only Large Pistol Magnum primers - never rifle primers. They ARE different in size. The rifle primers do not seat all the way - and would be dangerous in the possiblity of slam fires when the bolt closes.

    I have 900 left of the 335-grain HP bullets from Rainier for reloading (paid $217 for 1,000).
    -Remington 385s are more than double that.
    COL= 2.000" FYI.

    $185 for the bullets, loading dies and shell holder.


    $1000 for EVERYTHING.

    :) Free FedEX or UPS to your door - no FFL gun dealer is required by US law for shipping and transfering an upper.

    CHRIS GEGERE "G-gear"

    [email protected]

    (307) 851-6011


    .50 Beowulf Ballistics Info

    Instruction Manual

    Alexander Arms Reloading Data

    US NAVY SEALs using the LMT Rear Sight

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