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SOLD/EXPIRED R700 HS precision Takeoff-LA Magnum

High Rock

Active Member
Dec 18, 2007
HS precision Sendero Stock, LA, RH, No palm swell.

Excellent Condition: 238.00 shipped to you.

How wide is the barrel channel? I have a sporter barrel and I dont want to much daylight on each side. Will this stock come with the bottom metal and would I be able to use 30-06 shells in it or would I have to buy seperate parts to hold 30-06 shells?

It is for a standard Mag action so yes it can hold 30-06 family of cartridges No mods neccessary.
I had a sporter barrel in it. It will hold up to a HEavy Varmint. You will have alot of clearance. with a sporter but it still looks good and won't effect anything adversly.

Only the stock is advertised and the price only includes the stock. No bottom metal.

I don't accept pay pal.

I accepyt MO or check. Money Order is faster.

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HIGH ROCK (David Bounds from Rock Hill, SC) is a THIEF.....DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM. I purchased this stock from him which he described as being in excellent condition. When I received the stock, it had a crack in the forearm. I contacted him and informed him that the stock was not in excellent condition as described, and he said he would be happy to refund my money back as soon as he received the returned stock. It has been almost 3 weeks since he received the returned stock and I have not received my refund. I have sent numerous messages to him with no response. He is a LIAR and THIEF and he should be banned from this site.