SOLD/EXPIRED Quality Cartride 7 STW Brass FS

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Apr 11, 2009
I have 190 pieces of quality cartridge brass up for sale. It is all brand new and still in the factory bags of 20 each. One bag is opened and still has 10 new pieces in it.

From what I used of it (about 60 pieces) it was decent stuff. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the stamped primer pockets having too much of a burr. I just don't shoot my STW that much anymore and the 60 pieces that I'm keeping will be enough to last me a while.

Midway has it for $46 per 20. I'd like to get $40 per 20 and I'll cover the shipping if you buy the whole lot.

If the whole lot gets spoken for in separate batches shipping will be $5 flat whether you buy 5, 50, or 100.

I will accept money orders and Paypal. I prefer Paypal. You add the 3.5% for PP. PM me for details.
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