QMM Custom 6x47 Lapua


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Apr 29, 2015
CB64DD36-1EA3-4FD0-B794-E9ED30B7F0F9.jpeg 96D89C75-7203-4434-8F21-07D9482CCCE4.jpeg 2C18B54D-90C3-490E-A373-698E6B6FB787.jpeg 4A85353E-0295-4C1F-838F-9E5E745A41FD.png 6242F547-7B07-4058-BCC8-073BF0BA7F31.jpeg 9482F458-AC9D-4D27-8DD4-A60F9D52DA8C.png Want to trade custom 6x47 Lapua built by Scott Harrold of Quarter Minute Magnums. Gun is in mint shape with exactly 50 rounds down the tube. Stupid accurate will shoot well into the zeros. Since I don’t have time to shoot like I planned I figured I would see if someone can use it. Looking to trade for a custom hunting style rifle. Anything from 6mm to 300 caliber. No chassis systems or Remington 700 actions. Build specs are in pictures. Please call or text 5zero3-779-7897 if you have any questions. Would also consider partial trades for the following
1.1st generation Premier Tactical scopes in 3-15 or 5-25 in mils
2. Schmidt Bender pm2 in 4-16 or fixed 10x in mils
3. Swarovski binos newest version or a Swarovski spotter 65mm don’t need the HD version.

Thread had to have a heading so if you would like to purchase it outright please pm me your offer but I would prefer to trade for a custom hunting rifle or one of the items listed. Thanks