SOLD/EXPIRED Pre War M70 22 Hornet, M88 .308


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Dec 24, 2004
Southern Oregon
As the title says I have a Pre war Model 70 .22 hornet it does have the .223 bore I am pretty sure. Purchased it a year ago and have never shot it. Everything is in good shape. The front reciever is drilled and tapped. Rear receiver has 2 holes on the side which fit the lyman scope it came with. This rifle is more of a shooter then collector. For pictures send me your email address and I will send some. $1250 TYD

Also have a winchester model 88 in 308 Winchester. Good condition but definitely a shooter also. Believe its a post 64. Again for pictures please PM your email address and I will send them. $650 TYD

Thankyou for looking!