SOLD/EXPIRED Powders, bullets, & a scope!

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    Aug 24, 2012
    Need more room in the safe. Just got done ladder tests. Bought several different pounds of powder to try til I settled on Varget.

    Here is the powder:

    Reloader 17 1/2 lb.
    IMR 4831 1/2 lb.
    H4350 3/4 lb.
    Hybrid 100V 1/2 lb.
    H414 1/3 lb.

    Powder sale need to be face to face. I'm in PA. You can have it all for $75.

    Bullets (will ship to you for actual ups shipping charges):

    Sierra 3 new/unopened boxes of 6.5/.264 120 grain spritzer Pro Hunter (300)
    Speer Hot Cor 6.5/.264 120 grain (50 bullets)
    Hornady Match BTHP 6.5/.264 140 grain (65 bullets)
    Hornady Vmax .17 20 grain. 1 new box plus 25 (125)

    Take everything for only $119 + shipping if not face to face.


    2014 Burris C4 (used only this winter for coyote hunting). See link below. Couple very minor scratches on outside body but about 95%. Glass 100% as new. Paid $424 Selling price: $299 (tax free :)

    Burris C4 Plus Rifle Scope 4.5-14x 42mm Adjustable Objective C4 Wind

    Cash preferred or trades for: Varget, 140 Hornady Amax in 6.5/.264, 260 Rem. brass, 6mm Sierra 70 grain match king bullets.gun)