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Nov 3, 2008
Central Pennsylvania
Now before you call me nuts, I want to try something and I know its going to take a little time to do this. Can anybody tell me what powder is used in the making of 22lr ammo? Is there any way I can get a hold of primed blanks that I might be able to experiment with loading my own?

I have this grand vision of fitting a 22lr with a 35 or 40 grain Hornady v-max. I have access to a couple of machine shops that may help me out developing a shell holder and a die. Just want to know if I can buy preprimed rimfire.

Thanks in advance,
Not that I'm aware of. This is the very reason why I don't own a .17 HMR or HMR2. I refuse to depend on a mfg for ammo, especially at the price they have it. I shoot very little 22LR because of this. JohnnyK.
The 22LR is the cheapest to shoot of any of the rimfires. I love plinking with my 22LR. I've gotten pretty good. I can consistently hit a 8" steel plate at 240yrds with it. I hold the heavy part of the duplex at the top of the plate. I hold a .25" group at 50 and 1" at 100yrds. Good practice, and trigger time. I have notice that I can really concentrate of trigger pull when I am shooting.

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