SOLD/EXPIRED Picatinny Rail


Nov 22, 2011
I have a Leupold VX 4.5-14X40 scope on a 300WM hunting rifle and would like to shoot out to 1200 yds. I am thinking about installing a 20MOA picatinny base for the long range target shooting but do not want to hunt the optics of my 100 to 700 yard hunting rifle. Is this a real concern? Thanks for your input . Al
first of all welcome too LRH. now, most of us on LRH run some kind of moa base on all our hunting rigs and most zero at 100 too 200 yards. this combo on your rifle will get you too and beyond 1200 yards and still be very functional at closer distance. hope this helps if i understood you correctly.
Thanks for the responce. I wasn't sure if the optic quality of the scope would be deminished at shorter ranges if a 20 MOA rail is used. The scope has a 60 MOA travel range. From the ballistics info the center of the scope optics would be about 1000 yds with the 20MOA rail. From what I understand now the optic quality would not be affected at shorter ranges (less than 1000 yds) Al
I run a 200 zero with pretty much all my rifles but a lot of guys that compete use a 100 yard I guess its personal preference and during comp you won't have to hold under or over at close range little targets.
Try it and see. If you plan on shooting that far learning how your rifle responds to distance is an asset.
I shoot a ton and all my hunting rifles are zeroed at 200 yards and most of my rifles are extremely efficient and flat shooting cartridges like a 300 rum 338 rum and so on, so my 200 yard zero is good because I can hold on hair out too 400 with having too adjust and in hunting situations I like it a lot and its pretty handy. One load that I really like is a 215 berger out of my 300 rum at 3290fps at a 1000 with a 200 yard zero it's 1minute less elevation than having a 100 yard zero.