Pic Rail Inserts

Tiny Tim

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Jan 26, 2015
I am wanting to add a pic rail section to several stocks for a bipod. One B&C, one HS Precision, one Accustock. All are composite. Heaviest is a Remington 700 LR in 7 RM. I have a couple of questions. First, would you use the brass glue in type insert like Sinclair sells or would you use the t-nut type. Secondly, all these stocks have dual studs so I can use one of the existing, but I'd like to move the rail closer to the end of the forearm. Is this a problem? If the stock can't support a short section that far forward, would you reccomend using a longer rail section to utilize the two existing inserts? What are your thoughts?
I have a McMillian and it uses the threaded inserts that are for wood that are round with 3 points that get pressed into the wood when the screw is tightened. You can get them at any local hardware store. I've had a B&C and they would work well for that material.
If you are interested in going with an ARCA rail, I make low profile ones that use the dual stud spacing and get the rail to the end of the stock. You can still use a Harris bipod with a swivel stud on it. It is also long enough to mount to a ARCA rail tripod without removing the bipod...or ditch a bipod and just use a ARCA rail and a tripod that can lay flat. PM me and I can send you photos.
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