Personal Best

Jay K

Feb 26, 2002
Salisbury Md
I shot my personal best shot last night.1125 yards on a crop damage permit deer.I ranged it with the wild range finder,checked meter to yard chart, checked drop chart. Clicked 25.5 minutes,checked the wind, checked the video camera,checked the deer.Shot and missed.Spotters called the shot high.Held low for the second shot, saw impact in the scope, she ran about thirty yards and went down for good.Shot other deer this week at 954,917,and 875. Shooting 190 bergers in a 300 Wby.
Nice going! What is the velocity of the 190's and what powder are you using?
The bergers are moly coated and I am using 82.5 grains of RL 25. It gives me 3100 fps in a 30 inch barrel. This load has done real well for me in a local 600 yard bench rest shoot.
I got my longest kill this week also. I got a PD at 946 yds with my 1:8" twist .22-250 shooting 80 gr SMK's. The interesting thing was the fox that picked up the PD and took off--I wasn't about to let him get away with my prize, so he took one to the head at 1220 yds. It knocked him down, he dropped the PD and two minutes later, he got up and ran off. I had three spotters who said the bullet cleanly knocked the PD out of his mouth, and must have really rung his bell. Oh well, I guess he won't be stealing anymore of my PD's!!!
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