Ontario spring turkey


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Dec 25, 2012
Ontario Canada
Ontario just got rid of a mandatory "turkey information course" that was required before you could hunt turkeys, non resident and resident. You can now buy licenses over the counter no special course required.

2 licenses per hunter (at your cost), bearded birds are legal.

April 25th to May 31st. Shotgun only

--3700 acres of private land, no pressure.

--This winter I am seeing on average groups of 6-10 gobblers and groups of 25-30 hens and young birds.

--Hunts will be guided or semi guided. You must be accompanied or dropped off by myself, or family member.

--Large birds are 24 lbs, spurs just shy of 2", and 10"-11" beards.

--write now all I can provide is the land and guide. I am working on a cabin.

Link for Ontario Hunting Regs

PM me please.

Thank You
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