North Idaho Checking In


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Feb 27, 2015
North Idaho
I'm 30, a retired/disabled OIF vet. Was a Sergeant and a Colt Team leader 13-F with the 101st abn 502nd infantry 2 tours in Iraq. I have not done much hunting just getting into it. The only deer I've shot is after I hit it with my truck. I had an opportunity for quite a few deer this year but passed them all up and had to go out of state for the last week of hunting so I missed out.

I recently purchased my first long range set up. As a savage shooter for many years I chose to go with the HS Precision 110 338 Lapua and ordered a FFP Leupold mark 4 er/t 8.5-25 M5 TMR. Was looking for a Nightforce F1 ATACR for a while but never got the chance to look through the glass and I got a good deal on the Leupold so I pulled the trigger. No rings yet scope is on the way and looking into doing a deltapoint or similar at a 45% angle on it for close up shots.

I found another savage 12 300 wsm 26" fluted for dirt cheap plan on getting a few barrels and another bolt face or whole bolt for 308 and looking at 6mm and 6.5mm options as well still researching that. My luck has been great with savage all have shot sub moa out of the box and a few have been a lot better. looking at chassis systems and all that still new to the long range game with a rifle and not calling in bigger rounds.

I've owned about 60 different guns in my time I've down sized quite a bit and I'm currently looking at doing some long range shooting not competitions some 3 gun type competitions as it's getting boring having to much time on my hands. Looking at gunsmithing schools possibly online, not much up here by Canada that I've seen anyway.

Well as you see I ramble sometimes. Thanks