SOLD/EXPIRED Norma Mtach 6.5x55 ammo


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Dec 14, 2004
These are exceptional ammo used in European matches. Faster and flatter ballistics than the old military surplus ammo and other imported and domestic 6.5x55 ammo. These Norma match ammo are meant to be used in modern actions, so be advised that the chamber pressure may be high for old military surplus rifles especially the Danish rifles. Swedish M96/38/41 Mauser actions supposedly are stronger but do your research or consult gunsmith on this. Those ammo are no longer imported. Brass are reload able (new Norma brass cost $1/piece). This sale is for 100 rounds (2 boxes). I have several lots. $150 per lot plus shipping/Insurance. US Postal money order. Make sure you can legally receive ammo by mail where you live



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