Norma 7x61 Super (factory ammo, brass and dies)

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    Sep 20, 2018
    I have a lot of Norma 7x61 SUPER Ammo, Brass and dies to sell.
    1. (7) boxes of NEW FACTORY Norma 154gr Spire Pointed ammo (Bright and shiny) $50 a box plus shipping.
    2. (2) boxes of RELOADED with 150gr Nosler BT (looks like Ballistic Tips), H4350 (no charge given), Fed 215 primer, New Norma brass $30 abox plus shipping.
    3. (4) boxes of once fired Norma brass $16.00 a box plus shipping.
    4. (40) rounds of Norma brass (without boxes) $30.00 plus shipping.
    5. A set of RCBS FL 7x61 Sharp & Hart dies for $50.00 plus shipping.
    6. Buy the entire lot and we can work on the price.

    I also have a lot of bullets (many calibers) and other reloading components for sale. If you want an Excel spreadsheet with all of the listings, send me an email address.

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