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SOLD/EXPIRED Nine Remington 700 stocks


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May 27, 2005
Bozeman, MT
All stocks are for Remington 700's.

All prices are shipped.

Stocks are unbedded unless noted.

More detailed pictures/descriptions upon request.


#1 - SA Ti takeoff, ADL configuration, bedded, sporter+ barrel channel, slight scratches, sticky R3 recoil pad - SPF

#2 - SA VLS takeoff, BDL configuration, bedded (Acraglass), barrel pad sanded out, slight scratches - SPF

#3 - LA LSS takeoff, BDL configuration, bedded (pillars and steelbed), barrel pad sanded out, slight scratches - $100

#4 - SA Choate Ultimate Varmint Stock, no bottom metal needed, large aluminum bedding block, cheap way to get a heavy barrel gun going - SPF

#5 - LA SPS takeoff, BDL configuration, Supercell recoil pad - $30

#6 - SA SPS takeoff, BDL configuration, R3 recoil pad - SPF

#7 - LA BDL takeoff, BDL configuration, slight scratches - SPF

#8 - SA ADL takeoff, ADL configuration - $25

#9 - SA ADL takeoff, ADL configuration - SPF
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If #3 gray laminate is available I am very interested. I have a remington 700 7 mag I would love to put it on. Can you please confirm if it is sold yet?

Thank you
I'm interested in stock # 6 please email with price etc...I have a remington 700 short action 260 that I need a stock for thanks

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