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SOLD/EXPIRED NightForce ATACR 5-25x56 F1 - Mil-C (C579)


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Apr 25, 2020
Looking to sell or trade my NightForce ATACR 5-25x56 scope. It's first focal plane with the Mil-C reticle (C579). Will come with the NF flip caps and original box/paperwork. I ordered it brand new, mounted it with proper torque specs, and put 23 rounds down the barrel at the range in one trip, and that's it. Its never seen the woods, been dropped, dinged, or otherwise abused. It is still mounted and zero'd on my Bergara and will stay there if it doesn't sell or trade.

I love the scope's clarity and power and I thought I was gonna be a FFP guy and a Mil guy, but I just prefer second focal plane and MOA. That said, the only trade I'm interested in is a brand new, unused/unmounted NightForce ATACR 5-25x56 in second focal plane with the MOAR-T reticle (C555) - I'll trade this one straight across for that. Otherwise I'd like to get $2375 shipped and PayPal'd or Venmo'd as friends/fam (I know some aren't a fan of the friends/fam method - but I'd like to avoid a 1099 from PayPal at the end of the year and I'm not looking to screw anyone...I can provide my eBay feedback link as well).

Update: also interested in possibly trading for a NIB Leupold VX6-HD 3-18x50 with Illuminated Fire Dot Duplex reticle plus cash.


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Sunday bump. Price dropped to $2400 shipped. May also entertain trade for a NIB Leupold VX6-HD 3-18x50 with Illuminated Fire Dot Duplex reticle plus cash.
Thanks for the offer @Fred - but this has been traded and is no longer available.