Nightforce 60 MOA Long Range Scope Mounts - Rem 700 Short Action - MN


Jul 26, 2011
Nightforce Old Style 60 MOA Long Range Short Action Scope Mounts - MN $40.00 each shipped.

NO SCREWS Included.

These are unused old style mounts, marked NF, and are made of steel not in a package. I got them in a bulk purchase from a closed distributor. I sold some here a while ago with no complaints other than some screw holes were a bit small and have sold some on eBay with no issues.

I'll just say money back if not happy.

This is all I have so please don't ask if I have any others.
Remington 700 Short Action for 6-48 size screws. 60 MOA - I have 19 left of them.
Remington 700 Short Action for 8-40 size screws. 60 MOA - I have 7 of them.

Paypal is OK.



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