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NightForce 2.5-10x32 illuminated mil dot

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The best scope NF decided to stop making.
Perfect optics and function.
Has older camo dip that can be renewed or removed.
Last retail was $1350, $900 shipped.


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Zero stop on a mil dot hunting scope escapes me.

You sight in @100 using the CH intersection, remove and set the turret at zero, put the caps on, use the mildots for holdover. This is a SFP scope and mildots work @10X. Anything you need holdover for, you'll be using 10X. KISS no knob twiddling required.

I had this on a Savage 308 TAC rifle and banging steel at 600 was child's play.

Ya gotta wonder how JOC killed everything with a 2.5X Alaskan with a 5" dot ???
Yes acetone works but aircraft paint stripper is faster