New to LRH and true long range

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Hi Guys,
    Living in Scotland and working as deer ranger I'm no stranger to shooting but a relative newcomer to shooting at extended ranges ( ie beyond 350ish metres).
    My main work horse rifle is my beloved Tikka T3 stainless/laminate .270 with 19" barrel and sound moderator topped with S&B 3-12x50 zenith scope.
    I'm constantly working up new loads for her but in last six months have shot 500 deer with Barnes x 110s loaded with 61gr of H4831sc @ 3050fps and Nosler BTs 130gr with 58.6gn of H4831sc @ 2780fps all with Norma Brass. These loads shoot between 5/8 and 1/2" @ 100 metres. Building a load with hornady SSTs at the mo just because there half the price of the BTs.
    The barrel was shortened from new to make the rifle easier to handle in and around vehicles which the majority of my shooting is done.

    Recently after years of being interested in proper long range shooting I decided to purchase a new rifle especially for it. Being a long time fan of Steyrs I decided on a new Prohunter 300 win mag 25.6" heavy barrel with a Zeiss Victory 6-24x56 scope.
    I have new set of Redding dies ( neck &seating) and have just bought a box of 178gr Hornady Amax. Not expecting miracles from the rifle but hoping to get 6" groups @ 600 metres?? Haven't fired a shot from it yet but hope to soon and start working it out. Will be no doubt looking for advice and believe this Webb site to be the best no BS site on the net. Thanks for reading.