New to AR questions

I spent too much money on a SBR changing a Keltec PLR-16 to a SBR with Suppressor. I got some good after market parts and this thing shoots well and fits into a Paslode carry case. Looks like a Laptop Soft Case with shoulder strap. I carry it with me if I ever go to Atlanta.
BUT I had to get a $200 TAX Stamp
My suggestion is just get a good AR in 16" and no SBR TAX.
Get a Pistol AR 15 with 10-12" or a legal AR with stock and 16".
If you get the pistol you can still use the Arm Brace as a shoulder stock and have a SBR with NO TAX Stamp.
If you are concerned about the Side Charging just get an extended Rear Charging Handle.
Whose side charging upper are you using? I'm having a hard time getting my Gibbz tuned to run properly.
The ones at my current location that I can confirm are all Alexander Arms, had for several years. Don't recall operation issues from sometime ago early implementation. Appears currently, running as straight-pull bolt actions with adjustable gas blocks OFF. Really like this config, not clearing structures, holding off over running coyote hordes with gas action movement/noise, no brass in the air/weeds/under stand. Run a newer 308 Ruger SFAR like this for deer last year or two, when not humping far. Humping a ways, I switch to a Barrett Fieldcraft for their weight savings, accuracy. I switch guns on a wild hare whim just because, with zero plan or reason.....just my squint on Equity.
Whose side charging upper are you using? I'm having a hard time getting my Gibbz tuned to run properly.
So I talked with my buddy that was making the Gibbs stuff and he says the issues were in the ar10 line when Gibbs made changes to the uppers . The pivot pin holes were o/s by .002 and the post on the bottom that mates to the lower was .002/ .003 under . Then they changed the radius at the back of the upper to make it fit more lowers . Says it was a mess for awhile . There was talk of boring out the holes and steel sleeving the uppers to get them to fit properly. The ar15 line was not a issue in the gen 1 or gen 2 or the one with the dust door . They made parts for Gibbs and New Frontier arms . His dad owns the shop . Ght LLC out here in mesa Arizona. Gibbs is right next door to them.
I find side-chargers have unique benefits out weighing negatives. Some dislike for their experience of catching on brush, partially unlocking. But, my optics, RF, other protruding gear are more prone to those issues than a side bolt handle for me. Learning your rig, adjusting how to handle it will over come the negatives. ....sneaking in brush, wrap thumb behind bolt, fingers around mag front for security. Positives I find are ease of running the action as straight-pull.....staying in scope, being able to run as bolt action with adjustable gas block turned OFF to lose the action movement, noise...think sub-sonic suppressed, brass-in-air/in-brush-under stand issues. With adjustable gas block, can always revert to semi-auto for those threats when deer or neighborhood HOA Karens over run your position.
Brother, I agree with everything you are saying. For a hunting rig, side chargers are awesome. I have several in .223 and a couple built on AR10 platforms. Side charging handle is super convenient with optics on board. I machine the DPMS uppers and drill and tap the bolt carriers for the handles. Fulton Armory sells the same upper already done along with a bolt carrier.
Get the Honey Badger SD or Pistol version.


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