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    May 25, 2013
    I started shooting at age 17 in the US Army basic training at Fort Ord, California 1/69 - 2/69. My real shooting started 1/1999 when I purchased my first hunting rifle from a local gun shop in Eagle River Alaska. The following year, I got my first reloading press (Lee's) and started rolling my own ammo for shooting and hunting. From that first rifle (Model 700 300 Weatherby), 9 more to follow plus more presses for pistols and those rifles. With more rifles and pistols, more safes (3). With some tours in Korea (2nd ID Camp Casey) 11/71 - 12/73, and again 12/75 - 1/77, and a tour in South Vietnam 11/70 - 11/71 as a military police. In 1981/07, I ended my military service with about 13 years active and National Guard service. I worked for the USPS (3years), next 12 years Correctional Officer II, working at two facilities until I was placed on disability. My lateness purchase last year Tikka T3 stainless hunter in 300WSM it will be topped with a Leupold VX-R CDS 3x9x40mm. I also have military (US) mostly rifles and some pistols. The M1 Garand and the 1903 Springfield rifle are my most loved rifles, there are others but I will won't list them.