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Jul 20, 2007
The South
What do you guys think about assigning (or asking people if they would be) new member sponsors? When we get a new guy/family in the military we assign them a sponsor to show them around and give general info about the area and with their transition.
The reason I ask is because I notice that new member's questions seem (to me) to get overlooked sometimes. I know it is usually the same series of questions over and over and it can seem redundant at times but unless you had to learn it the hard way knowledge is free. And I know what some of you are thinking- "That's what the search is for!", but even I have a hard time finding info sometimes (the archives was a great feature by the way!).
That was my brilliant thought for the day, now I can go back to acting stupid!:D
Being a new guy myself, I like the idea. I know many people are pressed for time, but I have so many questions to ask that I know have been asked before. Just seems I am search illiterate, I never quite find what I am looking for.
I'm pretty new hear but you guys always seem to come through for me. I just insist on learning everything the hardest and most expensive way possible anyhow.
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