New member, ID

300 Win Mag

Sep 24, 2012
Hello! from Southwest Idaho.

I've been shooting and hunting Coyote for a few years but mostly with pistols or AR rifles, never shooting past 600m with any regularity.

But now...! I'm just waiting on a 26 inch Remington 5R in .300 Win Mag and 20 power Leupold with an illuminated reticle to take my hunting up another notch in game size and distance taken. I'm also waiting on handloading equipment (same order) to make practicing regularly economical and to achieve greater accuracy.

I don't know a lot about doping my rifle or the nuances of long range shooting, but fortunately I do have an excellent resource in that my previous primary instructor is an active duty sniper with quite a few years of hunting and shooting experience - and hopefully the expertise of forum-goers here.