New member, but long time shooter.


Oct 9, 2009
Kansas City, MO
As my first post on this site I thought that I would make it an introduction. My name is Branden, from Kansas City, Mo. I've been shooting for a long time, and I have a passion for long range precision shooting. I've not done a ton of hunting, however i'm not opposed to it, and wish that I had the ability to do more of it. Since i'm a rather lazy hunter, I prefer to sit on a hill overlooking a large area during deer season to increase the probability of seeing a deer, and if it's just out of range, i'll still be far enough that I can likely stalk (read 'walk') close enough to get within a range that i'm confident of making a good shot.

My bang stick of choice is a Savage 10 action in .308, McGowan 1:10 match barrel cut to 20", B&C Tactical stock with black marine tex texturing and the remainder of the stock painted grey. The scope is a Leupold Mk4 3.5-10 with M3 turrets and Mil-dot reticule.

Bullet of choice for the time being is a 208 Amax pushed with Reloader 17 to 2560fps in Lapua brass. 100 yard accuracy isn't anything to write home about, however I recently printed a .56" 200 yard group, and a 1-1/4" 400 yard group. The 400 yard group was luck, the 500 yard group I shot right after that was 5".

I spend most of my time on some other sites that are more oriented toward the tactical marksmen, however this site appears to have a lot of great articles that pertain to any marksmen be it a hunter, a tactical shooter, or a casual plinker. In all honesty I will likely be lurking far more than posting, and when I start to type, I always inevitably end up reading like a keyboard commando.

Now i'm off to start my quest of reading all interesting threads on this site so I can get "caught up" so to say.

Welcome Branden,

Your 'hunting' style is similar to mine. I'd rather do the hiking after the shot. But am always trudging around the mountains looking for another 'lazy' spot.

Have fun and don't cut those barrels so short.:)
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