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I have just bought a m700 mag action,and a hart 30inch barrel with a 1/10 twist.This rifle will be used for 1k benchrest and
to hunt whitetails.what calibers would you
consider if you were building this rifle.
ohiohunter-- Check out my post on the Ultra LR board about the .300 Tomahawk Photos. It seems you have the makings for a great Tomahawk .
If you read the posts concerning many of the large caliber 30 cals, such as the 300 Tomahawk and 30/416 and a few others bullet length will play a big part in whether or not your action is going to be a repeater or a signle shot due to OAL and magazine well length.

You must take into consideration what weight bullet you are going to use and what style it is I.E. VLD, Match King's, LRBT.
All of these bullets work well at 1k, and the optimun setup is when only the boatail of the bullet protrudes past the shoulder/neck intersection leaving you the most case capacity. However this presents a problem because OAL will be longer than magazine well length and thus you will have a single shot rifle.
Another problem arises with throat length and using lighter weigh bullets, seating depth may only leave a small amount of the bullet sitting in the neck and would not be the best condition.
Many of the guys on here that shoot long range use the heavier bullets 200,220,240. You will need to match your case capacity with weight of bullet and required twist versus velocity to get maximun stability results.
This may present a problem when heavier bullets are used and may require you to use lighter weight bullets that will not perform as well as the heavier bullets with all things being considered.
Its a give and take issue, what weight bullets are you wanting to shoot and will they stablize with the correct velocity without reaching over pressure signs before maximun accuracy has been acheived.
Two things come to my mind, short cases with no belts, and short powder columns.
300 WSM for the short caliber, and 300 Ultra for heavier bullets and maximum velocity for extended ranges with respect to accuracy.
Hope my thoughts can help you make an educated guess.
my goal is to shot he heavy bullets 220 and 240s .will the 300 ultra mag fit my action.
i would love to build to build a 300 ultra.
would i be able to get 3000 fps with a 30inch barrel and an improved case.
You didnt mention what caliber the action was originally made for?
If it was a magnum (.532-.534 or around that number) then yes, however you'll have to open the feed rails for proper feeding.
The 300 Ultra will work fine, try and find some posts on here concerning bullet selection for twist and velocity requirements.
the action was originaly for the 7mm mag

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For Sale..

Never used 25-06 Ackley Imp. .282NK chamber reamer by Pacific Precision Grinding with go gauge

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Instead of messing with the action to fit an Ultra-mag, you could sell me the action and buy an new Ultra-mag.
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