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    Dec 7, 2012
    Have some previous long range experience- lots of firearm experience and handloading, mostly for handgun/shotgun. Just recently started some precision long range 308 (not going overboard on the precision) for an SPS Tactical. This has got to be the most finicky rifle I have ever owned on ammo. I've shot factory rounds from 3/4" group to 2 1/2" groups. Handloads seem to vary about the same- except for the sweet one I found. Pretty happy with the 178 A-Max and Varget. 5- round 100 yard groups so far- 0.57", 0.38", and 0.29". This is out of a factory gun.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing, and what kind of trouble ya'll are gonna cause me with the wife (I'm pretty sure my habit is getting more expensive).:D