New 300 rum



Just got my Savage 116 FSAK, I am goinng to put my IOR Valadada scope, 2.5-10x42, 30mm tube w/MP8 reticle on it, any ideas for a strong Scope base for the Savage.

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I'll second the great guy thing-- He was going to Florida a while back and I just happened to have called him that morning to order ten sets of bases for the department rifles. He actually brought them to me to save me the shipping. He said since he was passing thru Memphis anyway, he might as well deliver them.
Talk about personal customer service!! Same day delivery for free--It dosen't get any better in my book...
Range today 300RUM, IOR scope Farrel base, very Nice gun, SUB MOA still breaking in the barrel. Thanks for the info on the base.


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