SOLD/EXPIRED New 30-06 Lapua brass and 30 cal Bergers

The Oregonian

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Jul 20, 2012
Missoula, Montana
Long story short I have a custom rifle that I have been waiting on for a year and a half and I bought some components while waiting. Load development is being done by someone else and they are using Nosler brass so I am going to use the same.

I am also going to be using Nosler bullets so I am selling the Bergers .

I have 200 pieces of Lapua brass, brand new. One box may have been opened to inspect and measure but that it is. $180 shipped, I eat paypal fees.

400 .308 185 gr Berger VLD hunting $190 for all, I eat paypal fees.

200 .308 185 gr Berger classic hunter, $90 for all, I eat paypal fees.

Can't ship until Saturday. Have lots of feedback on gunbroker under my username here.
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