Needing some info for a Rimx Build.


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Jun 5, 2024
South Dakota
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Trying to order a AG Composites stock inlet for a rimx action. Called them and spoke with a nice lady named Darlene. Said they do not inlet for that action specifically. I know that the rem 700 and clone should work. Maybe the Solaris? Anybody have any experience ordering for this specific action? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Don't quote me, but I think Foundation is the only stock maker inletting for Rim X and Vudoo.
I had a foundation vudoo inlet, can say, when it came time to sell it, limited buyers with the small ejection port.
Not what you asked for, but I went with a Manners LRH for a lite Rim X build, stock lower than ejection port, bolt release too. Still 10.9lbs, and a pain to remove the cheek pc to clean.
Rim X Lite.jpg
I have 2 AG Privateers on RimX builds. just ordered them to fit the zermatt/bighorn TL-3......

You can see that the ejection port for a SA bighorn is too long for the rimx, but those don't bother me.....