Need 190gr Berger 's


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Feb 18, 2008
Does anyone have any 190gr Berger VLD Hunting bullets in 30cal they can part with?
I have had some on backorder for quite awhile, and have checked at least a dozen different distributers. None in stock.
I have some 210 VLD's or 300gr SMK I could trade, or just buy them outright.
I have a couple of boxes of the 190VLD's that I would consider trading for the 210's. I have a 300 RUM that shoots either the 190 or 210 well but since I am going to use this gun on my first elk hunt I would rather use the 210's. These are new and never been opened.
Hey fellas I'd be interested in buying either some 190 or 210 vlds from you.
I am desperate to get some loaded up for my 300 RUM. Can't find either in stock anywhere.

my email is [email protected] if you'd like to sell some!

Thanks in advance!
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