SOLD/EXPIRED MPA BA Comp Chassis 700 Long action Ambi Tungsten


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Sep 3, 2019
Eastern NC
I am putting up for sale my MPA BA Comp chassis. It is inletted for Remington 700 Long Actions and clones and works for both right and left handed actions. It is ceracoated Tungsten and in Like new condition with only a small amount of range use. I bought it new last March thinking I might try some competitions, but just haven't had time and don't expect to anytime soon. This chassis has a click adjustable cheekrest and LOP, as well as height and cant adjustments for the butt pad. It has the full length Arca/RRS rail on the forend, multiple QD sling attachment points, a bipod Pic rail, and NV hood with Pic rail. It is also compatible with MPA's Pic/Arca Spigot mount. The grip has the thumbshelf/trigger finger rest installed on both sides for left or right handed shooters, and a nylon plug for the unused bolt handle slot. It also has a built in Mercury level. One other really cool feature is that it includes different spacers for the front of the magwell to be able to use CIP 3.85 Mags, 3.775 Accurate Mags, or 3.715 Standard AICS long action mags, to accommodate essentially any cartridge that will fit in a 700 Long action. Even though it is not lightweight, my barreled action with a heavy sporter barrel and 27 oz scope was just over 12 Lbs in this chassis. The barrel channel will accommodate up to 1.25 Straight Cylinder barrels and recoil lugs up to .400 Thick. This would make a great foundation for a dedicated long range rig in something like a 300 PRC or 338 Edge. I am also including an Accurate Mag 3.85 CIP 300 Win Mag magazine ($80 Value) that was purchased at the same time the Chassis was. Looking to Get $750 for the package and I will pay shipping Conus. I accept Paypal and Venmo. Thanks for looking.


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