Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-10 Surface Roughness tester for machinists


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May 21, 2011
Model 178-561-02A SJ-10 SURFTEST BNIB. Only took out to verify function, test battery, that it would charge, and run on battery power as needed for portability. Everything functions as it should. Tested the surface with the included precision reference specimen to check accuracy. I did not calibrate it as it seems on from the factory.

Everything included that came with it. I don’t have a use for this.

$1,500 shipped Paypal F&F, Postal money order. May consider trades/partial trades.
Trades possibly interested in

-Revic BR4 Rangefinder (ONLY this brand and model rangefinder considered, already have a Sig ABS)
-Nightforce NXS 5-22x50 W/zero stop and high speed turret, MOAR-T, MOAR reticle
-Defiance AnTi Black Nitride, LA RUM Mag bolt face
-Proof .308 barrel 22” 1:8-9” Twist
-Swarovski 10x42 NL pure (only 10x42 NL’s, already have 10x42 EL’s looking to upgrade)
-30 Nosler 22” carbon barrel w/ fast twist lightweight rifle/barrelled action

A couple links with info

0C55F44A-12C6-4CB0-B94B-2C6AE23CFCD4.jpeg 0A20D812-36DA-40E6-A737-EAED0B399F65.jpeg E9950FBA-FF34-4BEB-AC38-4669B147EB10.jpeg BB149D9C-1E8A-4A92-973E-58C726585C3E.png 47DBAE03-004A-4A15-8619-4404CF5CA8DE.png F1B38F71-BB46-41F1-97C7-824A69E789C2.jpeg 29DADF7E-8EFD-4DE3-A5AF-94ABF128140D.jpeg 1BA96472-9835-4F6C-853B-33773B6EEE87.jpeg 6F1CC357-01D3-4EF7-A3EE-B68A2DC5E3F7.jpeg 5618DF27-A070-4DF7-8488-2B2913E2A3B9.jpeg
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