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Misc . Rings mount etc…

long range dogr

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Feb 12, 2009
Red cloud Nebraska
Disclaimer ( I will only ship orders over 50.00!) come on guys! Shipping isn't getting any cheaper! And it's useless to ship anything under 20.00.

Trades? Only things needed are aics 10 round mags. And a 20moa 30mm scope mount. And a set of badger ordnance 34mm usmc m40a3 scope rings.

Here we go!

X2 arken optics 34mm biddable scope levels. 20.00 a piece.

Arken halo 34mm 1.26 height scope rings. Did a mock up with the rings. Otherwise new and unfired. 40.00

Seekins mxm 34mm 20moa base. Used,lightly lapped. 110.00

Seekins precision .750 adjustable gas block, new 45.00

Warne 30mm medium 30mm rings 30.00

Ergo grip with palm shelf 25.00

Badger ordnance 34mm sasr rings 110.00

Badger ordnance m40a3 30mm medium height rings. These have some light krylon on them. And have been birdsong coated in desert tan. 135.00

Gg&g bipod adapter. 40.00

B5 system desert tan 135.00