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Sep 13, 2018
Whitmore Lake Michigan
hello all most people call me KEESEY, seems fitting since it’s what I went by in the service and growing up. I live north of Ann Arbor in Whitmore Lake. I have property in west branch, I have started to develope a passion for shooting over the years and now I have started to take it to another level.

Some firearms I recently purchased: M&P shield performance center 45, and another Remington 700, model 85505 it’s the 300win mag 5R rifling with what they call a “precision stock” from Remington.

Couple other items I have that I really enjoy shooting is my 450 bushmaster custom built AR and my 223 with god old A2 stock and iron sights that I trained on in the service.

My Remington 700 project is looking like a MDT chassis system and a US optics B-25 scope to finish off my 300win mag. Then it’s on to building my 338 Lapua I always dreamed of having.

Some reloading questions are what brought me to this forum, I am working on a load for the 300wm, so far looks like I am sticking with the 215gr Berger hybrid target bullets, federal 215m primers, Winchester brass and probly going to run H1000 powder.

Anyways thanks for the add


Sep 12, 2018
Where abouts in West Branch, my friends family has property up there.

Also, there's a Savage in 338 for sale on migunowners

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