McMillan Sako 85M Hunter's Edge Stock

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    Sep 24, 2016
    ***SOLD*** SAKO 85 HUNTER – Sako 85M SKU: #6555 Hunter's Edge in Gap transition camo. The barrel contour is for a standard sporter. Sako "M" action length. I've had both a .30-06 and .270 in it.

    Bought this last year and mounted an action up and took 'er hunting. I have a McSwirly which I've decided I prefer so I want to sell this Edge and get another Mcswirly.

    Great condition - there is a small defect (3rd pic) inside where the bolt cut-out is. You cannot see it when the action is mounted and I didn't notice it 'til just now while taking pictures.

    13.5" LOP and takes the L shaped 1.5" recoil lug.

    $550 shipped.

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