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Dec 30, 2010
Hazard, KY
I had this built in 2010 and just have never used it. I bought all the parts and had it sent off to Randy Dierks at Action Gun Works to build it for me.
McMillan single shot Action
Lilja Navy Contour, fluted 1:15 twist, 29" barrel
McMillan muzzle brake that screws on/off and has a cross bolt clamp to lock it onto the barrel. This was the original brake used on the Tac 50 and tames the recoil to a very pleasant level.
McMillan Big Mac stock with Freeland Rail installed on the bottom. This was done in hopes of putting an APA bipod on it, but never did.
Jewel trigger set at 1.5 lbs. This trigger has a unique safety in that it is located in front of the trigger shoe. This was done because a standard Rem 700 safety isn't tall enough to reach the top of the stock where it usually is.
30 MOA rail that was bedded with Devcon to exactly fit the action.
Bolt is parkerized
Action and barrel were Cerakoted Flat Dark Earth. Some of the paint has chipped off the corners of the flutes as show in the pictures.
Rifle weighs 24 lbs without a scope.
Only 39 rounds have been fired out of it.
Is chambered to shoot Amax as well as Barnes Xtac type bore rider bullets.
Also comes with a Dewey two piece cleaning rod with jag and Bore Guide.
Does not come with scope or rings.