Maryland Ranges


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May 24, 2011
Relocating from New Mexico to North Beach MD for work. Anywhere I can stretch it out? Not looking good on Google. Already annoyed I have to rebarrel all the AR's to be "compliant" or legal.
You will be looking at a 2 hour drive give or take. You have the Peacemaker range outside of Winchester, Va or the place I go to called Mifflin Co Sportsmans Assoc which is an hour north of Harrisburg, Pa.

Nothing is close by. What is wrong with the barrels on your ARs ?
That's what I suspected. Sure make reloading a blast. Time for a range setup. They arn't hbar barrels on the 15's.

I shot a prs match at peacemaker probably 6 years ago. I was scared that's the closest good range.
Bridgeville rifle and pistol club in Deleware may be closer than peacemaker. Make sure you new ar barells are actually stamped hbar on the barell. Md has some silly rules.
I might be wrong about Bridgeville , but the long range will only be open in the fall when the crops are down. When I looked at it several years ago , it didn't seem to work for me.

I shoot at a closer range that goes out to 300 yds to work loads up then take the longer ride to Pa. to have fun.
Welcome to Md, this is not an easy state to practice our hobby. There are some local private clubs in MD that have longer ranges. You may have luck joining local forums and searching for clubs to get some contact with local shooters. It took me a few years, but I found some private ranges to shoot. The best public range IMHO is Delmarva sporting clays. The last time I was there they were set up for 500 yards.
The Delmarva range is the longest public that I'm aware of. If you have any Military ties they do or did have 1000 yard ranges at Fort Meade. If you ever want to go to Delmarva send me a pm, I usually go a few times a year for the 500 range. But they have everything from pistol to 300 and then 500
North Beach should put you within membership range of Quantico MCB Shooting Club. They have a maximum distance for members.

They regularly use the 1,000 yard range there for rec fire and also host F-class, three-gun and other matches. I was a member there for several years before leasing several private farms in VA on my own to teach long range shooting on and no longer needed the ranges.

Because it's an active military base, ranges are shared with troop training and availability varies, sometimes due to odd circumstances. When GW Bush was prez, we had to stop shooting while he rode his bicycle on the other side of the base. Other than the aggravation of dealing with the Marine Corp leadership and occasional scheduling inconveniences, it's a decent place to shoot.

You can also shoot the organized matches as a non-member, but would be unable to use the ranges at other times.