Mag OAL/COAL Broken Tips/Feed issue

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    Feb 28, 2007 to reloading and have a simple question. My 300 RUM Magazine over all length is 3.690. I shoot 200 gr Accubonds and don't really want any broken tips or misfeed issues. I have loaded some dummy loads at 3.689 (.001) difference and they seem to feed ok. They feed great at 3.680 (.010) difference. Small margins still....but I have yet to hunt with them and in a hurry up situation, have yet to slam rounds from the magazine. Is there a set standard that most use for COAL compared to Mag OAL to avoid these issues, or is it by trial and error? Trial by error may be a real bumber when that grizzle bear is chasen ya down, ya know? Is 10 thousands generaly enough to avoid problems? That seems to be getting pretty far out. Thanks for help guys.

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    Nov 12, 2010
    I would say range time.

    Shoot it like you think you may use it! Use your dummies in the magazine, at first to see if they will survive recoil at the various lengths. Measure before and after, mark them with a sharpie for their COAL. See how far the bullets get set back. You might end up single loading, so you don't beat them up!

    I've seen what Magnums do to BT, and SP it's not pretty and that was at COL, not MagOAL. Their fine for 300yds. I would imagine it doesn't help anything out past that.

    Almost need a magazine cut off like the Kraig rifles had. Single load, 'till you run into Griz, then switch to mag feed, buy then the distance and deformed tips won't matter. I've thougth that single stack magazines, with positive shoulder control for and aft would be nice, with room for VLDs in front of the shoulder. A pair of shoulder dimples from recoil, I think would be better than dinged meplats.

    Good Luck! Happy shootiing!
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