Lyman T-Mag 2

Bill Maylor

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Jul 16, 2008
Bay,CO florida.
I will soon be getting started reloading, and am wondering if any one uses the Lyman T-Mag 2 kit? Do you like it? Or do you dislike it? I am a tool man and believe in having good tools! I can spend less on another kit, but will I be happy?I plain to load pistol & rifle ammo. The T-Mag looks like it would be able to do both a little easier. any feed back would be helpful. Thank's Bill Maylor..
Thank's for the reply's! 1 YA &1 NA. I guess reloaders like single stage presses better, I don't have a cluelightbulb. Like I said, I am a/tool man:rolleyes: there must be a reason? I believe better tools will bring you better results.. Bill Maylor..
I have both a single stage and a conventional Lyman turret. If I had known what I know now I would NOT buy any turret from Lyman, RCBS or Redding.

I would seriously consider the Lee Classic Turret tho. It is a totally different type machine and limits the normal turret spring very well. AND the turret auto-indexes so it IS faster than any single stage press, if speed matters.
Thank's guys I have not made up my mind yetlightbulb. On the other end of the price world you have Lee stater kits. Are they good enough to start out with? My wife want's to know:rolleyes:? She says you can get the dies and bullets and that kit for less money:rolleyes:. I had to ask, Sorry! Bill Maylor..
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