Lucky one - bush pig unlucky


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Apr 21, 2008
South Africa
Hello everyone

Arrived home from work yesterday when my brother phoned me up to come shoot a blesbuck which was flee and tick invested. Drove over, and soon enough the 264 Win Mag did its job.

I asked my brother to drive over to my grandparents just to go and have a look if there are any busgpigs in the tall grass. have been looking for them in the area for the past two years with no luck. Always found old areas where they dug up the earth. My brother waited in the van while I walked over to the tall grass. As soon as I was in the grass, visibility about 1 meter I heard the pigs around me. I saw they had nests so there were young piglets in the tall grass as well.

As I walked through the grass my brother called me to tell me a large boar was jogging his way. I ran over to the row of acorn trees to see the pig running away broadside 180 meters away. I took rest against the tree and sent a 140gr Sierra on its way. The first shot was high and the second landed just behind the ear.

The boar is a nice size, but the hunt was great. Did not expect to find anything and it was a welcome surprise.

Pic of pic in field (sorry about the mess)

Cleaned up pig

Congrats for your hunt!!!
That is one cool trophy, but he sure is one ugly beast!!!
I guess it is going to look great mounted.
Where was this at?
What caused the swelling in the upper jaw? It's not like it has giant tusks sticiking up.[/QUOTE]

The boars are like that, the older they get the more facial features they get. The young boars don't have such pronounced swelling.

Was taken in South Africa where I live.
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