SOLD/EXPIRED **Lot- SPF** FS - 222 Rem Dies, Brass & Bullets

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    **Lot- SPF** For Sale - 222 Rem Dies, Brass & Bullets, offered as a lot.

    The lot consists of 3 items:

    Item #1 - like-new boxed 222 Rem Forster/ Bonanza Bench Rest dies-
    includes Forester Bench Rest seater die & FL resizer die. Also included
    is a RCBS neck-sizer die. (see pics).

    Item #2 - 222 Rem Brass, R-P head stamp, total of 197 count, all same lot #.
    169 count are new & unfired; 28 count are 1x fired.

    Item #3 - .224" Sierra Bench Rest bullets, total 185 count....
    95 count - 53 gr. HP FB.
    90 count - 52 gr. HP BT

    30 count - .257" 75 gr. HP FB (free to the buyer, if he wants them).

    $130 shipped for the 3 item lot. Shipped in a reinforced priority mail flat
    rate padded envelope.

    note: If items do not sell as a lot in a reasonable time, I'll break it up, so

    I will reply to interest in individual items, but a lot sale trumps all.

    postal MO or Paypal + 4%

    offered elsewhere, so subject to prior sale.

    email replies preferred [email protected]

    see pic.


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    E-mail sent about the above items