looking for help


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Oct 5, 2012
looking for help / how is it going i ame new and cant spell well but her we go. i have a stevens mod 200 308 i am working weth i ame still braking in 308 stok baral. i alsow wont to get a 22 250 magowen baral and some no go ang go gages to swap betwen calabers the magowen is 1 and 8 twest i hop to ues the 80 gran match ronds out to 600 yard ? is it a good choes lemited funds to beld this gun. i just finisht 260 moser convershin. do yall think stoke 308 barall is capabel ove 1000 yard. or shode i chang it alsow it grops 5 in 1 inch. at 100.