Looking for Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Rifle Magnum Match Primers #215M

The magnum did not last long.

Yea, I read it on another forum where someone posted that "They still have some, I just ordered three thousand". Won't last long with people ordering that many at one time, but that probably won't keep someone in primers for long if they load for multiple calibers and do a lot of shooting.
Still looking for some.

My primer preferences, in order of precedence, are:
1. CCI
2. Federal
3. Winchester
4. Remington

As with anything else, YMMV. Remington 9 1/2M yielded the best accuracy in my .300 WSM and 215 Berger. I have received a notification from https://www.shootingbot.com/ of their availability. Sometimes, you have to compromise and work with what you can get.

I have also purchased large rifle primers and have traded with local reloaders for magnums.

ADDED: This is a prime example of what I am talking about trading.

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