SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a Rem 700 SA stock,parts and 338WM/300SAUM ammo..

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  1. bglimpse

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Hey guys, picking up a Rem 700 300SAUM and need some parts/ammo. Looking for:

    McMillan, Bell and Carlson, HS, Manners etc stock for a RH, SA Rem 700 - looking for a synthetic, non-thumbhole stock.
    Firing pin shroud to replace the wart on the new rifle
    338WM or 300SAUM ammo

    I've got a lot of stuff laying around someone may need. Let me know..

    Nikon Monarch 800 Laser Range Finder

    (2) boxes of Rem Corelokt .308 150gr

    (1) box of Federal Fusion .308 165gr

    (2) boxes of Nosler Trophy 30-06 165gr AB

    PRI 34mm Aluminum scope rings

    PRI 30mm steel extra high scope rings

    Talley Lightweight 30mm high scope rings

    GDI G1-OSM M14/M1A scope base/mount

    GDI RCOM ACOG mount

    Glock 34/35 CompTac kydex belt holster and (3) single mag pouches

    HSGI/BFG/Safariland padded molle belt setup

    HSGI Sure Grip padded molle belt
    HSGI Cobra duty belt, XL
    HSGI Pistol TACO x2
    HSGI Rifle TACO x2
    GGG Dump pouch
    BFG Trauma NOW with Tourniquet NOW (Tourniquet not included)
    Tactical Response VOK
    Safariland 6280 ALS for G17 w/X300 (TLR1 will fit as well)

    FDE Tango Down stubby w/ADM quick release, painted with Krylon

    (2) VTAC Lo Pro Sling mounts, one painted w/Krylon

    EOTAC Vickers Combat gloves, green, medium brand new

    TacStar 6rd side saddle for Remington 870 (I have furniture cut to fit this that will come with it)

    Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops boots, 10R, USAF Sage Green/Gray

    Surefire X300, new light but has been painted with Krylon

    Magpul MBUS front sight, painted with Krylon

    Glock factory +2 baseplates, have 5-6 of them

    Talley Winchester Model 70 blue steel scope ring bases

    ARMS #19 ACOG mount, FDE

    Magpul AFG

    (3) Standard M4 stocks and grips

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  2. broomd

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    Apr 2, 2011
    pm sent on surefire x300..
  3. songdogslayer

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I have a short action hs stock for $215 shipped has a krylon paint job but can be easily removed.