Long Range Video methods

Randy in Va

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Jan 9, 2002
Richmond Va
I would like to hear from anyone doing movie filming of 1000 yds and beyond, particularily from a varmint perspective.

Do I have to wait for NASA cameras to be sold off or is there a way now?
Does anyone know of successes through the mating of DVD recorders and spotting scopes.

Goal: first class long range varmint movie making.

I can't find a source for information on the state of the art for TERRESTIAL filming.
I have the Nikon Field Imaging system MX. The MX works with Nikon's Fieldscope series of spotting scopes, the MX is a CCD camera system with about 80X magnification - equivalent to a 4000mm lens - that attaches to the scope in place of an eyepiece. The system is linked to a 4" LCD monitor that also can be linked to a camcorder. The MX system weighs 3 ounces and is powered by four AA batteries or an AC adapter.
quickad, I looked into the Fieldscope and it's resolution was too poor for long use.
You will need high resolution for long range work.
Sorry guy once you get to 1000 you really start to have problems.. the mirage and high power optics cause alot of the problems...
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